How To Get To And Around Monaco

Getting there

Usually, to make quite an impression in the tiny nation, tend to visit the nation by sailing through a yacht. If you do not have access to a yacht, the next best option is flights.

·        Flights

The closest airport to Monaco is located at Nice-Cote d’Azur which is over 20 miles situated along the coast. The airport sees flights all year around from British and EasyJet airlines, all the way from London, Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool and more.

·        Transfers

If you transport via helicopter or yacht to Monaco, the next option is to transfer mode of transportation after appearing in the Nice-Cote d’Azur airport. From the airport, you can transport to Monaco via various reasonable and affordable options such as taxis, train, bus and motorcycle taxi. Bear in mind each particular mode varies in fare and duration considering factors such as luggage and traffic.

·        Cruises



Another option on how you can visit Monaco is by availing the services of a cruise liner. These are practical options considering such cruises will port at the Old Port Hercules of Monaco, from where you can then catch a taxi get around.

Getting around


·        Walking

Since the nation of Monaco is barely over 2 miles long and over a mile in width, Monaco is easy to get around by walking. Termed as one of the smallest nations in the world, you can explore the whole land and seaside by merely walking.

·        Public transport

The public transport system in Monaco, mainly the buses are quite affordable and cheap to avail. Those who wish to save funds or cannot afford traveling in exotic vehicles can easily avail public transport services.


·        Street lifts

In Monaco there are certain street lifts accompanied by escalators which can directly take you from one spot to another instantaneously, saving a lot of time. For example, behind the Quais des Pecheurs car park at the Old Port lies a lift which can transport you in front of the Oceanographic Museum.

·        Trains

Although the miniature train of Azure tourist express looks funny, it will get you in and out of Monaco’s top attractions under an hour for a very affordable price, making it an attractive and fun way to explore the nation. It is a particular favorite among children.

·        Car hire

Hiring the services of car rental or bring an exotic car from elsewhere should be driven with extreme care since Monaco has very rigid and strict traffic rules watched over by 24*7 CCTV cameras. If you do not abide by such traffic regulations, you can get your vehicle impounded and cause a big hassle.


·        Tourist bus

When traveling with family, getting around Monaco in an open roof tourist bus is desirable as it enables you to see all the top attractions the nation has to offer, all under an hour for affordable prices. Moreover, it allows you to get picture perfect shots of the city from the top of the bus.