Top Restaurants in Monaco

Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse

The Mediterranean cuisine restaurant located at Hotel de Paris is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants Monaco has to offer. Decorated with numerous prestigious titles and awards, Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse speaks for itself. Awarded with three Michelin stars, the designer restaurant has not lost any star till date and has even been credited in the list of the world’s best 100 restaurants. The food alone has not awarded this restaurant, accompanied by beautiful décor and ambiance along with a vintage selection of over 600,000 bottles of wine in its own wine cellar.

Brasserie Restaurant


Located at the Columbus Monte Carlo, the Brasserie restaurant serves its patrons delicious Italian/French cuisine with a hint of Asian touch. The ambiance at the Brasserie is unmatched offering a romantic and soothing atmosphere on an open terrace facing the Princess Grace rose garden. The restaurant offers an exotic and exquisite selection of wine to match the delicious recipes provided at the restaurant.


The original and creative restaurant, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, Elsa has taken over Monaco by storm. Located at the principality of Monte Carlo, the excellent restaurant offers some of the most creative recipes known to man, bound to leave your taste buds wanting for more. The restaurant is led by Chef Jean Claude Brugel and his team.

Le Grill

The Michelin star restaurant has earned its prestigious title from its exquisite recipes of Mediterranean cuisine. Located at the topmost floor of Hotel de Paris, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience considering the roof of the restaurant slides open enabling you to dine delicious food while enjoying the breeze and panoramic views of Monaco.


Le Vistamar Executive

After being refurbished, the exquisite restaurant reopened providing a rather sleek menu and ambiance. Located at the prestigious Hotel Hermitage, Le Vistamar Executive specialize in unique gastronomic seafood. The restaurant is renowned for its unusual twists on seafood while using only the freshest caught produce.

Joel Robuchon


Named after the world-renowned Chef, Joel Robuchon, the restaurant serves its customer excellent Mediterranean recipes. Joel Robuchon is regarded as the world’s most decorated Chef considering his 26 Michelin titles. Located at Monte Carlo, the restaurant is acclaimed with 2 Michelin stars and lures food fanatics and critiques from all over the globe.

Buddha Bar

The famous Buddha bar located at the Casino de Monte Carlo offers its diners a unique dining experience. The restaurant serves exquisite oriental cuisine food while being entertained by live music. Moreover, you can decide to sip on a refreshing alcoholic beverage by the lounge as well.