Things Tourists Should Never to in Monaco

Start a bar tab

Remember that partying in Monaco is not cheap; a night of partying in Monaco is equivalent to securing a down payment for a small household. So tend to share the bill or accordingly have enough funds in hand to settle it to avoid starting tabs. The same goes for luxurious Monaco rentals (cars, yachts etc.) which can add up quickly.

Visiting during Grand Prix week

 Grand Prix week

Every year, during the time of May, Monaco hosts its famous Grand Prix Formula One racing events. Tourists, who do wish to visit the nation for its beauty and not is race, should avoid visiting in May as the country diverts all its energy to its track. This means all the main streets are closed, hotels are fully booked, and restaurants will have long queues and reservations.

Hire a car

Seeking a rental car is not recommended as the tiny nation is crowded most of the time. During peak hours, trying to drive will be a hassle. Moreover, car parking is nearly non-existent in the country. The traffic regulations are stringent as well; failure to abide such rules will lead to impounding of your vehicle.

Wear swimwear

Monaco has its very own beautiful beach, the Larvotto Plage. Tourists when visiting the beach are required to abide by the rules regarding the beach. Visitors are allowed to wear swimwear when within the beach premises however should cover up or dress up fully when leaving the beach premises if not are liable for hefty penalties and fines.

 the Larvotto Plage.

Going out without necessary ID proof

When exploring through the attractions of Monaco, tourists are required to carry with them essential ID proof and age proof. This is particularly mandatory when visiting casinos, nightclubs, bars, and museums.

Confusing Monaco with France

Locals and citizens of Monaco often find it offending when tourists confuse Monaco for France since the common language spoken is French. Despite Monaco being near France, Monaco is an individual nation of its own.

Inviting a local to the casino


According to a feudal rule passed by Princess Caroline, locals of Monaco are not permitted to enter casinos or gamble any sort of way. Instead, the casinos are solely for the benefit of tourists and international citizens staying in Monaco.

Hail a cab

You cannot hail a cab in Monaco by merely waving your hand in the air; instead, such taxis in the street are booked in advance and will not stop for you. You can, however, hail taxis after getting down at the port from a cruise and visiting the nearby taxi stand. If you’re wondering where to rent a luxury car instead, head over to Apex.

Walking barefoot

Tourists when cruising often has the habit of removing their footwear and walking barefoot. Bear in mind, the moment you enter Monaco’s port, you are required to wear necessary footwear. Failure of wearing footwear will catch the attention of police, and you may end up at the police station or required to pay hefty fines.