Best Hotels in Monaco

Hotel Metropole

Experts from respective fields design the fantastic and breathtaking hotel, Hotel Metropole, ranging from renowned talents such as Chef Joel Robuchon to famous designers Didier Gomez and Karl Lagerfeld. Often, patrons offer feedback claiming the only problem with the hotel is once you stay there, you lack the desire to leave.

Monte Carlo Beach

The famous Monte Carlo Beach has been one of the reigning five-star hotels to visit since the 1920s. The hotel is actually located on the French border and is accessible via their private jetty. Patrons are benefitted to soak in the beautiful view of the beach, swim in their Olympic size pool or enjoy a scrumptious meal from their Michelin star hotel.

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort


A recent addition to the four-star line of Monaco’s hotels, the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort is a favorable destination among friends and families due to terraces offering mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea and sand filled lagoons.

Le Meridien Beach Plaza

The Le Meridien is characterized for offering the best in class luxurious services within the principality accompanied by the significant factor of owning a private beach. The hotel is a favorite among parasailers who tend to unwind at its famous summer lounge.

Fairmont Monte Carlo

The Fairmont is undoubtedly one of the best luxurious hotels within the principality. It is distinguished due to its luxurious features such as a rooftop pool offering high views of the beach, designer restaurants, relaxing spa facilities and even has a Formula One circuit.

Hotel Hermitage

The exorbitant and luxurious filled hotel is often favored by many famous personalities and personnel as a getaway to unwind and away from the hassle of paparazzi. You can tell this hotel is a posh hotel with its long line of extravagant supercars lined up in front of it.

Hotel de Paris


The Hotel de Paris has appeared in many famous Hollywood movies such as James Bond. The palace-like built hotel is decorated with eye-catching architecture and interiors, three Michelin star hotels and harbors the world’s most extensive wine cellar.

Columbus Monte Carlo

The Columbus Monte Carlo is one of the best middle range hotels the principality has to offer. It offers excellent services for its price and is true to its value. The hotel was co-founded by competitive racing driver, David Coulthard, which is probably why plenty of renowned sportsmen tend to stay at the hotel.

Port Palace

The Port Palace is famous for providing an excellent view of Monaco’s Port Hercules, from each room of the structure. The contemporary themed hotel is renowned among sailors due to the undisturbed and extensive amount of privacy offered.