Top Attractions Of Monaco

The Palace

A high recommendation for tourists visiting the city is to explore the royal palace. Located at Monaco Ville, you get an opportunity to indulge in the souvenir and antique shops while making your way to the palace. If you visit the palace before noon, you get the chance to see the changing of armed guards situated in front of the square. The changing is accompanied by loud drumming and precise and rigid movements, bound to entertain you. The interior of the palace is designed with flamboyant décor and beautiful courtyards harboring mesmerizing views. Moreover, you get a sight of the tombs of the royal members as well.

Oceanographic museum

Oceanographic museum

Undoubtedly one of the most favorite and interactive museums to visit in the principality, the oceanographic museum revolves around marine life. Moreover, the museum contains a substantial pool filled with flesh-eating sharks, and a distinguishable feature of a 90 feet whale skeleton kept on display for educational purposes. Recently, the museum has devoted an external space harboring turtles and tortoises giving people an opportunity to interact with them. The marine life educational museum displays marine-themed films during the weekends, offer younger ones to see and touch fish such as starfish and learn about different species, lineages of fishes and diving equipment.

The casino, Monte Carlo

The casino is halfway between grandeur and absolutely ridiculousness. Even if you do not wish to gamble, tend to stop by the famous casino to soak in the grand décor, atmosphere, and epitome of architectural skills. The casino contains extensive decorations of marble, sculptures, salons, chandeliers, paintings and gambling entertainment. Gambling here is very addictive considering you are benefitted from either gambling indoor or outdoor while soaking in an exotic view of the sea and horticulture. Not too long back, the casino got an extravagant bar fitted in, which offers immense soothing atmospheres to sip on a drink while you gamble.

Café de Paris

Located right outside the Monte Carlo casino, the famous café de Paris hosts a very posh crowd since and harbors it’s very own open terrace casino as well. The uniformed waiters offer delicious food from savory to pastries. Although its casino is nowhere luxurious as the one in front of it, people do tend to find it delightful when operating on slot machines in the open.

Jardin exotique

Even though Monaco may be a tiny place on the global map, it has numerous natural sites of beauty including excellent views of horticulture, waters and different rock formations. At the Jardin exotique, you get to explore and view various types of stalactites, stalagmites, caves, succulents, and cacti.